I make mixed media art quilts and laser cut mixed media pieces using a process I call “the art of inclusion.” Through this approach I explore the idea that an artist can give value and meaning to a life’s worth of miscellaneous, seemingly forgettable details by caring for them, bringing them together and providing them with the perfect context.

As part of my art process I make and collect innumerable odd, stray elements, and the primary focus of my work is to bring them together in a way that balances care and deliberation with accident and spontaneity. I try to treat each sketch or digital photograph or scrap of fabric or piece of embroidery that I generate as though it is fascinating and important enough for inclusion in a finished work.

The challenge of treating potentially disposable elements as though they are vital is extremely satisfying to me, and I enjoy exploring the relationships that are created by bringing together all the details I’ve created and held onto, sometimes for many years. My goal is to create rich and intriguing artwork, and to have each piece seem to contain an entire world full of action and meaning, as if it is an illustration in search of a story.

I have always felt that I work in the most exciting possible medium because an artist can, quite literally, incorporate elements from any other discipline into an art quilt.

Bringing quilting together with other media results in vibrant, dynamic artwork, since quilts have a reputation for being soft, malleable, tactile and durable while other media can often be defined by rigidity, excessive bulk, delicateness, and impermanence.  There are very few techniques I would not apply to an art quilt, and I enjoy the challenge of melding these seemingly contradictory qualities.

Self Portrait Drawing